Arabella-Freunde Deutschland IG

We are pleased to welcome you to our website.

We are a community of interested fans of the vehicle, the Borgward group and would like to invite you to get infected by our enthusiasm.

The Arabella is said to have a variety of ills to which we cannot to this day not entirely disagree: Water entry is one of the problems of the car, it isn"t affectionately known as the Aquabella for nothingJ, the gearbox, at least the earlier models, acoustically described the hard work they had to do and led to early failure in service, and delays due to the fuel system failing are the daily bread of a driver's Arabella. This and some other problems that were a result of entering the market much too early, all led to the character building of an Arabella owner.

But if you have all these adversities, more or less successfully under control and are pleased with the fun of driving this car, great 360 degrees visibility and a reliability that so many TOYOTA"s miss the present day. Nearly 50 years after the last Arabella left the factory we are talking about a car that had the first production water-cooled boxer engine with front-wheel drive and front and rear windows made of safety glass, a fold-down rear seat for extended storage space, a padded dashboard (we speak of a time when dashboards were consistently made of sheet metal) and one of the lowest petrol consumption figures of the time, to name only some of the advantages.

Many of you belong to a generation who have picked up this vehicle direct from the works with great pride - and rightly so: The Arabella was one of the best vehicles in its class in a time when buying a car on credit was not yet common practice. Others, like myself, know this car as a child kneeling in the back seat, viewing the world through the panoramic windows on the beautiful Sunday excursion, the typical Lloyd-plastic-or-what-do-I-smell in the nose. My wife laughs at me when I go into my unfortunately not yet drivable gem, take a breath and just remember! (probably only men :-))

Everyone who came to our first meeting in May 2010 at Viechtach in the Bavarian forest had such images in their head and could share them with friends. No one is excited, as has mopped up after the admittedly bad weather one or another of his vehicle floor with the mop, wanted to take the "princesses" of damp night their service slow or clogged fuel lines, at least a start delayed. These vehicles have character.

If you are interested, and I am counting you because you're still reading this, and have not gone surfing the web elsewhere, then you should seriously think whether you want to be part of this community - whether as a fan, take part in our events or be it as a savior of a unique species of cars still doing its job of transporting people and goods is also another important thing - they bring a variety of nice, crazy and resilient people together from different backgrounds and have a lot of fun!

We cordially invite you to join us.

Uwe Pawelski & Silke Dannenmaier