Arabella Register

With this register we want to list all excisting Arabellas worldwide, actualize our information, and also not yet known owners get to know each other. Please tell us also, if you sell your vehicle and to the extent that this is in agreement, also the name of the new owner.

For information on how to evaluate the condition of your vehicle see Wikipedia.

Your information will be treated as confidential and not for any other purpose than the above-described use. For privacy reasons will be published only the following information:

  • Country

  • Model

  • Condition

  • Road Legal

Open the registry by double-clicking.

Please fill out the following 'Record Sheet for the Arabella-Register' and press to the conclusion the 'Send'-button to send your information to us.

Record Sheet for the Arabella-Register




Road Legal

Please tell us if your vehicle has road legal

Tell us, if you have questions or suggestions for us!