Cylinder Head Gaskets

The acceptance deadline for this replenishment action was

December 31, 2022

The order to the remanufacturer has been placed. As soon as we receive the delivery, we will send it to the purchasers.

More information can be found in the forum.

Best regards

Gerald Maftievici

Product description

This remanufacturing action is item 3-5 of the LLoyd spare parts catalogue for the Arabella with the spare part number 30 12 11 11-00 'Cylinder head gaskets'.


The cylinder head gaskets are a further development of the original ones. They have been tested intensively and successfully, details can be found in the forum.

Assembly instructions

In deviation from the procedure described in the workshop manual under the chapter "Cylinder head and valves", the following sequence of operations must be followed when fitting our cylinder head gaskets:

  • Step 1: Fit the cylinder head gaskets, tighten the nuts to the tightening torque of 45 NM in the tightening sequence prescribed in the workshop manual

  • Step 2: After the engine has rested for 24 hours, retighten the nuts with 45 NM again, as the seal settles overnight, then adjust the valves

  • Step 3: Start the engine, warm it up and then let it cool down, tighten the cylinder heads one last time with 45 NM, adjust the valves again, done!