Cylinder Base Gaskets

The acceptance deadline for this replenishment action was

December 31, 2022

The order to the remanufacturer has been placed. As soon as we receive the delivery, we will send it to the purchasers.

More information can be found in the forum.

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Uwe Pawelski

Product Description

This remanufacturing action is item 2-45 labeled 'Cylinder Base Gasket' in the LLoyd Parts Catalog for the Arabella with the following part numbers:

  • 30 11 13 05-00

  • 30 11 13 06-00

  • 30 11 13 07-00

  • 30 11 13 08-00


The cylinder base gaskets consist of 10 aluminum foils glued on top of each other with a thickness of 0.05mm each, so that a maximum thickness of 0.5mm is achieved. For assembly, as many foils are removed as are necessary to achieve the desired thickness of the gasket. As a rule, one seal per liner is sufficient.