1st Annual Meeting in Viechtach

Our 1st meeting took place from

13.05.2010 - 16.05.2010 at the Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle in Viechtach

instead of.

My friend Hans Kaut and I are big fans of the brand Borgward and especially of the model Arabella. Each of us connects with this vehicle own memories and with the possession of such a vehicle, one can indulge in these memories, a little off the daily routine, create a balance ...

Since we have attended various Borgward meetings in recent years and every time we feel that we are a small, not so very welcome fringe group, we decided to organize our own meeting, namely the 1st meeting of the Arabella Friends Germany IG!

Hans and I would like to thank all participants!

For one thing, because you have so completely unknown people in the scene as Hans and I trusted and even come. Even though the weather took a beating, we were able to collect 21 vehicles from 36 registered in one place, which is a respectable success almost 50 years after production ceased and only 152 vehicles registered in Flensburg.

For another, because not a few of you took very long ways to enrich our meeting:

  • all the Arabella friends, who traveled from all over Germany with trailer or on their own axle

  • from the far north, our Danish Borgward friends who did not shy away from the 15-hour journey

  • from the deep South, our Italian friends, who, despite their Arabella not yet finished, have enjoyed our meeting with enthusiasm

  • from the Alpenland Austria the hard core of the Arabella driver, if not the hardest :-)

  • and last but not least, our "KIWI friends Margaret & Denis Hibbs", who the long distance from New Zealand around the world could not stop us visiting

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of the Schnitzmühle and especially the "Nielson Brothers" sincerely; the framework of the woodcarving mill as such and the support of both in the run-up to and during the meeting were a great help and guarantee for a successful event.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you!

Your Hans Kaut & Uwe Pawelski

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