7th Annual Meeting in Dahn

Our 7 meeting took place from

05.26.2016 - 29.05.2016 on the grounds of Camping Büttelwoog in Dahn

It has made us great pleasure and a lot of fun with you the prolonged Corpus Christi weekend in the Southwest Palatinate spend, thank you very much for coming!

We are always thrilled to how many Arabella Friends keep us from the beginning to the loyalty and at the same time we are looking forward to meet new participants at each meeting and determine how fast they are integrated into the "Arabella family"! That's great and great motivation for us!

Family Lejeune from the campsite Büttelwoog offered us an ideal setting for our event, the meadow with the sandstone cliffs in the background that are so typical of the Dahn Rockland, we found really ideal and idyllic for Arabella meeting.

Thrilled we have always loved the hospitality of the Palatinate, as it is not far for us, we are often on a visit or a walk in the Palatinate and enjoy the culinary delights, the tranquil surroundings of the hiking trails and the open, friendly people this magnificent stretch of land.

We think we could with the rustic atmosphere in Wanderheim 'Hohe List' of their soup and liver dumplings we are still raving and the delicious food at the 'Landhaus Mischler' in Schonau and the 'Wasgauperle' in Dahn give an impression of how the palatinate gastronomy "ticking" .. ...

Although the pictures of Dahn are still very present, our thoughts wander as early as the 8th meeting next year. Where it will take place exactly can not currently say only that it will be in the northern half of Germany. We have a few ideas, but which have to be examined whether this can be so, as we imagine, perform.

In this sense, we wish you a great summer and certainly we can meet each other on one or another meeting in the next few weeks,

Kindest regards,

Uwe & Silke

The Agenda of Meeting ...

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