10th Annual Meeting in Ganderkesee

Dear Arabella friends,

we look forward to seeing you

20.06.2019 - 23.06.2019 in Ganderkesee at the Camping- und Ferienpark Falkensteinsee (Bremen)

to greet.

The Falkensteinsee is located in Falkenburg, embedded in the community Ganderkesee, directly on the nature reserve Hasbruch, with its great jungle tree population. The Falkensteinsee is located about 20 km northwest of Bremen and about 10 km south of Oldenburg. The area is Geest shaped, that is slightly raised, sandy land, before the intervention of the people by diking and land reclamation measures ran here the western bank of the Weser, where our beautiful cars were built.

The two operators Rieke and Rik are waiting for us at the campsite on the lake. The two were enthusiastic about the idea of the Arabella meeting from the first contact. We strongly recommend a visit to the homepage www.falkensteinsee.de, the place offers great opportunities to stay. Who does not want to bathe in the beautiful lake, has many other possibilities. For children (or who still feel so) there is a playground, table tennis, boules, mini golf and and and. For the romantics among us wood barrels are available as overnight accommodation if you do not wake up the second or even third spring. In the evening we will meet at the barbecue and campfire area and chat over the Arabellas and the rest of the world with a well-cooled drink.

We are sure it will be a great weekend, we hope you are there! The registration deadline for the meeting is March 31, 2019. Please facilitate the planning by registering before this date. Further information you can receive from our forum or contact us with questions directly by mail.


Dieter Bohlmann and Wolf Petter

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This year, we kindly ask you to book your accommodation directly at Camping Falkensteinsee on 0049/(0)4222/9470077. For the campers a unit price per pitch of 23,00 € / night was agreed. This and includes all persons, vehicles, caravan / tents and the provision of electricity. The power consumption is billed individually. In the event that the overnight accommodation at the Falkensteinsee campsite is exhausted - try alternatively to book an overnight stay at the Hotel Airfield at 0049/(0) 4222/92090 (distance approx. 4 km) - alternatively try a place to stay at the tourist office in Ganderkesee Call 0049/(0) 4222/44412 As with all our meetings, the daily buffet breakfast is included in the registration fee.

Barbeque on June 21st (Friday evening)

The grilled food and the side dishes (meat, sausage, bread, salad) are provided, the contribution is 12,00 € per person. Drinks are not included in this price.

Buffet on June 22nd (Saturday Evening)

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