15th Annual Meeting Plus in Göhren

Dear Arabella friends,

we have something very special planned for this meeting: There will be a "tour to the meeting"! This tour will mostly follow the former F96 (Fernstraße 96), today B96, quasi the "Route 66" of the GDR. This road literally combines history and nature - an absolutely unique experience awaits you! I have just completed this route and my expectations were more than fulfilled! I don't think I need to say anything about Rügen, campsite right by the sea, seaside resorts, "Rasender Roland" ...

The current state of the agenda is as follows:

Part I "Tour to the meeting"
26.05.2024 (Sunday) Arrival of the participants at the "SeeCamping Zittauer Gebirge" (Zittau)
27.05.2024 (Monday) 1st stage: Zittau - "Still unknown" (approx. 200 KM)
28.05.2024 (Tuesday) 2nd stage: "Still unknown" - "Still unknown" (approx. 200 KM)
29.05.2024 (Wednesday) 3rd stage: "Still unknown" - Sassnitz => Göhren (approx. 200 KM)

Part II "Arabella meeting"
30.05.2024 (Thursday) Arrival of the participants (Corpus Christi)
31.05.2024 (Friday) 1st day of the event
01.06.2024 (Saturday) 2nd event day
02.06.2024 (Sunday) Departure of the participants

There has already been a lot of positive feedback from you, so please let us know what you think of this idea! We look forward to any suggestions in our forum!

Kind regards

Uwe & Silke