Our Objectives

The Arabella was with the P100, the latest new development of the Borgward group before the fatal collapse in 1961

This completely new design of the vehicle has been exported to over 50 countries. The number of vehicles that have survived is unknown.

In Europe there are still about 150 vehicles, which are cherished by their owners selflessly and well maintained. An unknown number will still be in existence, mostly forgotten in barns and garages.

Our aim is to provide for present and future fans and owners of such a unique vehicle the information and support to keep their treasures on the road or to restore them. Assistance in finding a vehicle that experiences of "old hands", exchange, buy or sell spare parts with realistic prices, and alternative information on repro parts and of course literature.

We want to preserve this piece of history from the reconstruction period and see ourselves as part of the Borgward large family, created by the brilliant designer, visionary, and company founder Carl FW Borgward who himself brought under one roof, the Goliath, Hansa, Lloyd and Borgward Marques!